Upper Middle Fork Flathead, Great Bear Wilderness, MT

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
Hiked in, while muled packed in rafts, provisions, camping gear, etc. About 4 miles down to the upper river. Floated approximate 25 miles over 4 days, catching countless cutthroat (I pulled a hat trick -- only one of 6 anglers to do so -- by bring cutts, whitefish and bulltrout to the net). Each angler had no less than 20 fish per day, some as many as 40 or 50. Average size was 12 to 14 inches, biggest fish was 20 inches.

Contact Glacier Anglers (Glacier Outdoor Center) if you want details on the trip. Middle-fork-flathead  001.jpg
Hilary Hutcheson of Trout TV loaded up all her fishing gear for the hike in so she could hit the water as soon as we arrived at the river instead of having to wait for the mules to arrive.
Middle-fork-flathead  003.jpg
One of the many cutthroats we caught, and gently released.
Middle-fork-flathead  004.jpg
Snaking eating frog!

Middle-fork-flathead  005.jpg
A few class III and IV rapids along the way.

Middle-fork-flathead  006.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  007.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  008.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  009.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  010.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  011.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  012.jpg Middle-fork-flathead  013.jpg Middle-fork-flathead-dm  001.png Middle-fork-flathead-dm  002.png