Pinks from Kirkland

Hey all,

I moved here at the beginning of last year from AZ. I have been a big lurker and major benefactor of very good info on this forum. If anyone wants tips for Lees Ferry or the San Juan (you know, where the worm pattern comes from) just hit me up on PM.

I just spent 3 days catching pinks and coho in Alaska outside of Juneau so fast my arm got sore. By the end of the trip I was targeting the dollies and rainbows with egg patterns just for a change of pace. I had no idea fishing could be like that. When you are looking at salmon so thick you could almost walk across the creek on their backs, when you are trying to cast to the few coho in their midst just to avoid another pink and when you are staring at the bears on the other side who are eyeball fu**ing you worse than Army boot drill sergeants (don't tell them I said that).

I want to finally baptize my own gear in the salt. I don't mind getting up at any hour. I am currently living above Juanita beach in Kirkland and desperately want to wet my line for pinks and coho locally. What's the closest beach? What tide should I aim for? I am looking for someone who fishes these beaches and wants a padawan.

I would love to find a place to fish as close as possible before work while the humpies are in.

To be clear, I'm not looking for a kiss and tell of your favorite spots, I'm looking for fishing buddies. If your fishing hours don't coincide with mine I would love a PM as to where to go.