Missoula lake and lost lake Montana

Hey everybody,
I am going on a camping four wheeler fly fishing trip with my father in law this weekend and we are planning to fish Lost Lake and Missoula lake in Montana. Has anyone ever fished these lakes?
If so, what flys did you use that works and what were the fish like?

Anything anyone to tell me about would be great.


Cole L

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I went up to lost lake when I was just a little kid with my family. If I remember right, the lake has some nice sized fish in it and I'd assume you'd use just the basics (wooley buggers, chironomid patterns, etc). Of course back then we were just kids and use spinning gear so I'm not completely sure. Just look for sipping, but you can never go wrong with an olive bugger if you're not getting bites on anything else.​
It was some great fishing, I just brought an assortment of flys. Missoula lake produced lots of 8 to 10 inch cut throat and lost lake at first was not giving us much hope, then i switched to this little red fly that I dont even know what it is and it killed it!! Every time it hit the water i brought in a 5-8 inch brooky. The key to both lake was to have waders with you, the brush around the lake was just to much.

Thank you for your input we had a ton of fun.


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It sure looked like a lake when I was there and it was called missoula. You should head up there some time it was a ton of fun. ;)
Glad you had a good time. Hope you took the time to read the info on the link Richard posted. Pretty amazing, lots of difference between Missoula Lake and Lake Missoula!