New Steelhead Angler Introduction

Hey Folks:

Great forum here. Been reading up and wanted to introduce myself. Born and raised in WA and I've never been Steelhead fishing. Never even been fly fishing! Is that Sacrilegious? I've done plenty of angling but it all surrounds mooching or jigging.

Anyway, I very much want to get in to Steelheading. My priorities are to catch a decent haul of fish, of course, but also to be a good steward of this fishery. I've been salmon fishing for 15 years so I'm familiar with many of the damaging impacts on game fish. I'm aware that Steelhead are a stock fish whereas the salmon are on the spawn-and-die program so being able to safely release Steelhead, assuming I ever bring one in, is important to me.

I plan on heading to Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek tomorrow to gab with someone about Steelhead and also to see what gear recommend and have in stock. Is that a decent spot? I'm looking to fish with the fly so any advice on starting out and picking up equipment from the experienced guys on here is appreciated.

As a bonus I included a shot of a nice Chinook I picked up in the Charlottes a while back. Again, on mooching gear. My mooching setup is a Sage SA4100 anchored by an Islander MR2.



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Welcome. PFF is awesome, Joe is one of the best in the business and a super nice guy by all accounts.

As far as something to read, I suggest you read this thread:

As a fair warning towards your priorities, you won't be catching a decent haul of steelhead. Thats just not how its done. As long as you start this journey accepting this fact, you will enjoy it. If you go into it expecting to land fish after fish, you are going to be very discouraged.
Welcome Albatross! That's a really nice fish in your pic. Thank you for sharing and for the introduction. Hope to see you out on the water sometime.


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Hey bro, Welcome. Talk to Joe at PFF and he will steer you in the right direction. Also, book a trip with him and that will help greatly.