Low land lake opener....


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I am surprised some what that no one has posted anything about fishing the opener this past weekend.

To break the ice a bit, I fished a small fly fishing only lake which had just opened. I guess there were about 5 other people there and most caught 10 to 15 fish each during the morning hours. Nice enjoyable morning.



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Well, all the fishing I did during the weekend was poking around Seattle's Greenlake for a few hours--to no avail. However, on Monday, I drove to the plateau above Issaquah, to Pine lake, and had a ball fishing a Thin-Mint Leech. Lot's of 10 to 12 inchers and two 16" rainbows. The latter two fought valiantly but succumbed to being landed in the end.

I recently rediscovered the article that had the T-M Leech in Northwest Flyfishing's Winter 2001 issue. It's hard to say if I've ever had so much success with a fly trolled behind a float tube as this. :THUMBSUP
I myself fished a selective gear lake that opened Saturday. I caught 19 fish with the largest being 14" and my freind caught 18 with the largest being 16". The fishing was so good we went back Sunday and I caught 6 and he caught 4 with my biggest being 16" and his being 14". The smallest we caught all weekend was 10" with most being around 12" and many being 13"-14". All but 2 were caught trolling either a black or green leech pattern with the other 2 going to a green bead head drake. The really big suprise was the lake had only about 15 boats or float tubes or less on it at a time. I will not say which lake it was, only that it was on the west side of the state less then 1.5 hours from Seattle which goes to prove you do not always have to Eastern Washington to find good fishing. This lake also has no houses built around it and the views on all sides are great I myself found this lake by finding it on a map and trying it out this last weekend for the first time. I plan to try it again a time or two before the snow melts enough to get to the upper lakes or June 1st which ever comes first. I also fished last Wednesday at lake Fennwick from the dock for one hour and caught one trout. This in itself was now big deal but when I bent down to get the hook remover from the dock with the fish still not brought out of the water I looked up only to see Feathers and claws. I was looking at the belly of a bald eagle swooping down for the fish still on my hook and not yet landed. I yelled at the eagle which flew off and the fish was released with neither it or I any the worse for wear. This was only the 2nd time I have been less the a foot from one of these bird, I forgot just how big they are. :EEK :


Over here in remote NE Washington we don't have much in the way of crowds on opening day. I went up to a chain of local lakes about 20 min. away and checked out three of them on Saturday afternoon. One lake had three boats on it, one had two and the other had one boat. Most people were fishing bait or trolling spinners. I saw no fish being taken and everyone I talked to said that fishing was real slow. I didn't fish but went back on Monday evening and no one was on any of the lakes. I put in my pontoon boat on one of the lakes and started catching cutthroats on almost every cast. I have found that the selective gear lakes are always more crowded and have bigger fish but the satisfaction of being the only flyfisherman on a lake goes a long way in the big grin department.

Local trout are in little danger from the bait and hardware guys. We all know how selective fish can be when they are on a certain insect.Imagine trying to match a tough caddis hatch with a 5" nightcrawler or a Mepps spinner and you can see what I mean. Last July 4 a friend and I went to a popular local lake to fish before breakfast. We were the only two flyfishermen on the lake and there was 2 boats with guys fishing conventional gear. In 2 1/2 hours we caught 78 rainbows on damsels and saw 3 fish taken by the other two guys. So don't overlook your local non-selective gear lakes. You will have to pick your times to avoid boat traffic but trout will usually feed real early and real late, both are great times to be on the water.


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I couldn't find my fly reel, have no idea were that went, sometimes I'm just totally dazed and confused. But I thought about going fishing. If I could of found my reel I would of went to Lake 16 in skagit county. Close by and I've always done good there.
Just goot get my s*** together someday.

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I kicked back on Saturday, but hit it pretty hard on Sunday.

I fished Cottage Lake, my neighborhood lake, and was dismayed to find that the lake was planted only the week before, and the little guys were thick near the dock/launch area.

I had a couple of dozen hits, and landed 3, all hatchery fish showing scars, I probably LDR'd several as I was fishing barbless and had many savage strikes that I could not fight immediately due to the wind and being solo in my canoe.

I have a hard time believing that so many fish are put into the lakes for only put-and-take fishing. I really think that we should lobby WDFW in favor of planting fish with better hold over potential.
I agree with tightloops. It is a little discouraging to see a boat of three people leave a lake with 30 fish.

We should lobby that you must read picture instructions on proper catch and release and sign off with the purchase of a fishing license. And we should lower the limit so that powerbait families can occasionally take a stocked fish to the pan but not load up the freezer.

I have been out on the neighborhood lake 5 times in the past five days and not caught less than 10 each outing! Two 16.5 inchers!
on sunday i went to martha lake, which is 5 mins from my house. cought 18 fish, but they were all small. I hit it again on tues. and cought 33, and some guy that was coming in before me had cought 60. None were really big, but it was fun anyway.


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I like to fish that lake also. I've always had good luck there. But I've never fly fished it. So I think that I will now.
I was in alot of pain from my fall last week. but as the days go by I'm starting to feel better. I got mad at the cast that they put on my wrist so I cut it off this morning. I feel much better now. Jim :THUMBSUP


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I heard about your unfortunate accident on another web site. Man, you get around Hope your arm is healing up fast.

I love to flyfish Lake 16. I usually wait a few weeks after the opener to hit it. Most of the fish have acclimated to the lake and are eating the natural foods. The power bait crowd start to give up thinking the lake is fished out but, us fly flickers can do pretty good.


I might be old,but I'm good

KerryS. I try to get around as I can't seem to get out. I'm still recovering from that stupid fall. I hope I heal up fast as I'm getting tired of just sitting here. Had to go get some more dope to keep the pain away. Now all I want to do is sleep.
Well I'm off to another web site. You sure meet alot of interesting people this way. Ketch you soon Jim S. :THUMBSUP P.S. you never can tell who you will meet on any given lake. If you ever see a old fat man in/on a Alpine pontoon boat then you've found me. But i don't think that I will make it out for a couple of more weeks.

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Made the annual pilgrimage to a local lake on the opener(this is 22 years now). Go for the show, watching the children shout for joy, parties on the shore etc. Have gotten to know a number of property owners and fun to say hello. Showed up at 9:15 and parked 50 feet from the water. Interesting to see the swaggering bait chuckers with their 18' outdrives (speed limit on the lake is 5 mph) and a string of 9" clones. "Got my limit"; so did I..... Tubed with a good fishing friend. Dry line, used a number of flies, but small green wolly bugger like fly did best. Lost count of fish caught, probably over 30 with 4 triploids landed, two broken off (I can be a bit heavy handed on the take!) Buddy did even better. Did keep one for dinner, and was very disappointed. Cardboard. The small fish were in great shape, but the triploids were large, but beat up. Not the same fish as last year. I wonder if WDFG is growing their own, when I understood they purchased the fish last year. Still very fun, but might as well leave them in the lake.
Also had a chance to hit Dry Falls for two hours late Wednesday. Slow retrieve chironomid did the trick. What a beautiful setting and large heavy trout. After dark also enjoyed the clear Eastern Washington sky, and the unique planet display. Life is good, especially with tight lines.
I also used to find the opener amusing from a spectator's standpoint. During opening day I would often go and fish a quality lake or the Yakima and stop by one of the "put and take" lakes on the way back to Seattle. I wanted a break from the driving and usually needed a bite to eat anyway so why not stop and watch other "sportsmen" while I rested. That habit came to an end about 4-5 years ago when I stopped by one of these lakes near Ellensburg after a great day on Nunally.

The lake was jam packed with bait fishermen doing their thing (i.e., catching and killing anything over 6 inches, littering, verbally "sparring", etc.) Quite a sight to behold after the beautiful setting, the quiet and the tranquility of Nunally. These were all expected behaviors that I'd witnessed in the past and expected each time I stopped. What I wasn't ready for was the quaint local custom of tying the larger fish or in some cases the whole stringer of them to their belts as they paraded around the lake. Kind of gave me the same feeling I had after I read Lord of the Flies for the first time. Needless to say I drive straight through nowadays withoout stopping. No need to ruin a good day.
Over here in Spokane we have a great bait lake that is even better for the flyfisherman. West Medical is just out of town, bordering I-90. It has been very good fishing with chironomids. We have not seen great hatches but the fish are taking them well. The lake was poisened in the fall of 1999. Hopefully that will keep the goldfish and other fish out for time. One must dodge the myriad of bait anglers, but you can find good fishing for very healthy fish. A bonus that the game department gave us this year is a lot of broodstock fish. They don't fight a long time, but that first 15 seconds can be really wild! Thursday we even caught a 19" Brown! Nice surprise.