PAC 1300 vs 1400

My buddy found a used 1300 for sale for a nice price @ $2,600. What do you think about the 1300 vs the 1400 though. Worth stepping up for the $$? Would be hitting all sorts of water with the boat. Yak to Hoh etc.


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I think it depends more on how much gear you'll be carrying and how long the trip will be. That will determine if it's worth the extra $. So, let's break it down, looking at the new 1300 vs. 1400, there is a difference of $300. So that means, that 1'4" will cost you 300 dollars more, with no gained load capacity. Personally, not worth it to me.
Having paddled both boats and rowed a 1400, the 1400 will give you extra cargo room to travel in style. The 1300 feels sketchy on high volume water class 3 and up because it is. It's a play boat with a frame slapped on. The 1400 is a wider platform and will get away with a frame and 4 people comfortably, including oarsman, while on the 1300 (super puma) you will probably be maxed with frame + 3 people and not much gear.

According to the AIRE website, you get 170 lbs of extra load capacity (Super Puma vs. SDP), 100 lbs according to Outcast. And overnighters say on the Deschutes, Grande Ronde, etc. would be more doable with the 1400. You might be able to find previous threads on this topic.


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My son has the super puma (like Outcast 1300) and I have the Super Duper (Like Outcast 1400). Absolutely no question. Go with the 1400. The extra space is a must and the Super Duper handles just as well and is bigger water capable if your skills are there. The increased surface area actually makes the boat draw less water then the smaller model and I've never regretted a little extra room. That being said the Super is a great boat and a ton of fun. But it's a big purchase and you'll want to get it right. PM if you want any rigging info.