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Sure, why not. I doubt they will break the rod. At worst you might lose some due to excessively long fights. And if you don't hook any at all, then a 0-weight would have been equally effective.

I wouldn't rush out to get a new rod just for pinks. You'll have plenty of other excuses to get new rods down the road.
thanks i just was worried about breaking the rod, the only reason im using my fly rod is because my wife is using the spin setup, and i like to use my centerpin for salmon (i know i know, but i dont like to limit myself to one style of fishing, its all good to me) but i lost the screw out of my centerpin reel and i dont want to stop fishing. also i just have sink tip line so i was thinking maybe just use some split shot if i have to?
I'd go with the sink tip line and stay away from split shot - it will complicate your cast. Use a heavier fly if you think getting down quicker will help. Pinks tend to have softer mouth parts compared to other salmon, so more likely to have the hook pull out than have the rod break. But of course you never know.

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I would find other waters to target pinks than the puyallup with a fly rod. It runs like chocolate milk all season. It's a snag fest. The fish couldn't see the fly if it hit them in the face. Try the nisqually.


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fish do not break rods. people break rods on fish. if you have a fish that is too strong for your rod there is exactly one right thing to do.. point the rod straight at the fish ( no bend in the rod) and pull..
a rod that is not flexing cannot be broken by pulling on it.
For the most part that is true.....if your reel is not secure it could end up being tugged right off ripping the seat (lip) and covering cork to shreds. Of course that is not breaking the rod...but destroying some components. Fighting bigger fish secure that reel well to the seat!

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Also the old BASS trick of fighting a big fish with the rod sideways and down by the water really does take some weight off the fish. The hard part is remembering to try it!
you should have no problem, pinks in the river tend to drag as opposed to really pulling. My first (and best) pink season, I fished a 5wt Griggs, an Okuma Integrity 6wt reel and a really crappy 5 wt floater. OK Crystal River from Walmart, I'll 'fess, (postdoc wages) and had a blast. Goodness knows how many fish days. I had gear fishers asking me what I was was awesome. Now fancier gear and over thinking things has had horrid effects in recent seasons. Plus if you get a silver on, you will really have fun. Let 'em run...


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Maybe pinks gain strength after entering freshwater. I fished pinks at Hoodsport with a 5 weight and was not undergunned. A larger pink might go 24 inches and that's in the 5 lb range, a 5 wt should be no problem.

I also fished pinks with old 6 wt fiberglass rods. Now the pinks were pulling machines on fiberglass.