NFR Serial Killer spent time on Olympic Peninsula

Sobering Seattle Times link about serial killer Isreal Keyes. He liked to hang out in remote trailheads and campgrounds looking for potential victims. The FBI report cited in the article said he spent lots of time on the Olympic peninsula and traced him to the Hoko River. Not everyone on the Hoko during the last 10 years was interested in fly fishing.


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nobody has a pet wolf...thats just ridiculous...I mean if you are going to have a wolf you might as well just get a Polar Bear.


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Kinda makes you not wanna going out hiking anywhere.. I always thought about those kind of things when I hike out. Feels like there is someone waiting in the woods watching and just waiting for the right person to walk by.. :eek:


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I carry bear spray while hiking and always assumed I would end up using it on a crazy human before a bear…

Well that is kinda like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Last thing I woudl wanna do to someone who spent months planning on how to kidnap and kill me is to spray him with bear spray assuming he probably has a gun..


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Screw the pepper spray....take the Ruger! Stuff like this slowly changes the opinions of many. I never carry a gun but now I'm thinking there is more to fear then bears, cougars, and killer rabbits!:eek: