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David Dalan

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So here's the deal. I have a 10' 8 wt. with a fighting butt that I am quite fond of. I use it 99% of the time with a 5wt Scandi short and the standard list of skagit/scandi casting (i.e. double haul less than10% of the time).

I'd like to convert the fighting butt to a longer, more "two-handed" arrangement. I'm only slightly concerned if it is practical, more in if it is possible. Can I get some kind of extension and re-cork it?

I'm a complete babe in the woods, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Should I just get a blank and build a 10'-11' 5wt mini-spey?
Many fighting butts are simply cork built onto the end of the fly blank.
Removing or cut off the existing cork, adding an extension (graphite, fiberglass, or aluminum) plus grip, and epoxying the extension in is a relatively simple process. Pretty much any rod builder can do this work and it shouldn't be too expensive.
As long as adding the extension handle doesn't cause you to overload the rod while casting it should work perfectly.
This particular one is threaded into the butt cap of the reel seat so it can be used single handed or with extension.