FS Nor-Vise, Reels, Waist pack

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Time to clean up a bit and get rid of some things that I don't use:

This is a older style Nor-Vise with mounting plate, auto bobbin and pre loaded spools.
$180.00 shipped to your door **Traded for spey reel**

Scientific Anglers Spey Evolution 6/7. Only been on the water a handful of times so it is in like new condition. Great mid belly line. http://buy.scientificanglers.com/spey/spey-evolution-fly-line.html $40.00 **Sold**

Used Echo Solo 6/8.
$25.00 $20.00 shipped to your door

Scientific Anglers system 2 "67L" reel
$35.00 **Sold**

Next up is a William Joseph Rip Tide pack. This pack was picked up by myself a month and a half ago from another site. This guy that I got it from took that long to ship it to me. I cut my losses a few weeks ago and picked up another pack thinking I would never see this one. I was surprised to find it sitting in the mail box last Friday........ a month and a half after payment. So I am selling it because I don't have a use for two. http://www.williamjoseph.net/gear.php?userChoice=Riptide
$35.00 shipped to your door **PENDING**
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