North Platte/Grey Reef float


Just back from a quick one day drift on the North Platte River, with my friend and guide Jason Hamrick who owns Cowboy Drifters. After we arrived we chillaxed and threw sticks into the river for the dogs to swim for. These dogs cannot get enough of the river. We had a meal and geared up for the next day's fishing.

We piled into one of the Cowboy Drifter cabins for the night, which are simple but adequate and perfect to chill out in after a day of fishing. They've got full kitchens, sleeps 5, full bath, HD flat screen with dish, etc. And with the cool dry air, some of the best sleeping weather anywhere!

The rainbows couldn't resist a bead, and between us we caught 40+ really nice fish including a few super strong and healthy eating 'bows in the 22"-25" range. All in all a great day of drifting with Jason and a couple other friends. We had numerous 'doubles' on as we drifted down the trophy blue ribbon tailwater Grey Reef section of the North Platte. This is an amazing river which produces an incredible number of big strong fish. I think the latest electro fish count of this section is around 7500 fish per mile! Crazy stuff! As always an amazing day and great time with Jason. He never disappoints for laughs and a great day on the water.

Can't wait to get back. It won't be long I'm sure.


No pics of anything big :(. We snapped a couple pics early, and then got into fishing. On the North Platte Grey Reef section unless its 25+ it's not really a 'big' fish- fun to catch but not noteworthy. Trophy trout on the 'Reef can reach lengths in excess of 30 inches. Average trout are 17-18 and weigh 1.5lbs. So actually we had 'nothin in the "gotta get a pic" category sadly.

A rainbow in the 20-25 inch range is pretty common.


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This looks outstanding! I want to take my father on a trip to the North Platte for a "bucket list" trip and wonder if Cowboy would be a good option.
I was thinking the same trip for my dad who is in his 70's. can u please list cowboys info (phone, email, URL, etc) so we can plan a trip 4 next year. Is August the best time to fish the N. Platte?
Sorry about the stupid previous post Jslo as I just googled most of what I was asking for. I see they fish year around, so when is the best time of the year 2 fish with them? Thanks
Yeah, Cowboy Drifters are great. In my original post, the names are "hot linked" for web pages on Cowboy Drifters and Jason as well. Jason is who I usually fish with- but there are probably 8-10 guides they use, all of whom are excellent as far as my experience goes. I definitely recommend them. I hopefully am headed back up there for my 4th time this year sometime in Oct. You kinda need a guide/drift boat as IMHO the Grey Reef section of the North Platte isn't easy to wade. Maybe if flows get down to below 800 cfs there are a few places...but you really need to drift it.

August is probably actually one of the worst months. Again, just my humble opinion, but I feel the shoulder seasons are where action is best. April-May-June, and then Sept-Oct-Nov. Just my own experience/opinion.

Definitely Wyoming...and it was relatively calm all day and then WHAM the wind cranked it up at the end when that pic was taken. It was whipping and howling big time lol!