Lower Duwi Net Harvest Begins 9/1


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Unless the wild kings are rolling in late. As luck would have it, 9/1 is also the day that section opens for for sport fishing. It is possible that the WDFW actually *planned* for the start of the sport fishing season in this section to coincide with the "Clearance Fishery?" that will reduce the sport catch to zero? Whatever the case, this is a fascinating management strategy that they're putting into practice here.


"Pink Trty Wk 36 (wb 9/1) Clearance Fishery (CF) on lower
river (up to 1st Avenue Bridge) begins 9/1; (5
sites); If the Chinook criteria are met or pink
predominate, fishery will open Wk 36 (wb 9/1) – 37
(wb 9/8): fishing pattern 5 days per week (Sun –

Anyone know if the WDFW is the least bit concerned about pink escapement goals being met when they establish the start date for the eradication of the remainder of the run on 9/1? Seems like in years past a substantial portion, if not the bulk of the run has rolled through after 9/1.