River SRC report

You have to be careful about that "P" creek. If you park by the mouth you have to keep your shit out of sight. Locked in your trunk or don't bring anything extra with you. Nothing is safe there.

I always had better luck there before the salmon started running. When I used to Gear fish I would catch fish to 20" out of there regularly. With flies just a tad smaller. Flies with red in there were about the best.
So True, but it's a little better than last year. I fished a bit where the Bryant road crosses and didn't see the usual tweeker camp. Last year was scary though.
I've haven't really fished the Sno system for cutties but I've never seen one even close to 6lbs. 1 maybe 4lbs. Maybe. I generally have to work a lot harder than 1 fish per cast too. Although some times you just find a shit load of them in one spot. I was under the impression that the Skagit cutts were generally bigger than other systems but what do I know. Because of time and proximity I am pretty much a Stilly cutthroater.
Never fished the Stilly or Skagit for them but sometimes you just get lucky. All the SRC's I catch generally top out @ 18" or so but keep in mind that's fishing from a sled (covering lots of water) in a system I know like the back of my hand.


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I need to work on my cutthroat game!!

Checkthisout -
What sort of flies do you find most effective?

I have traditionally used mostly spiders with a mix of muddlers and other odds and ends and would say over the years probably only average 4 or 5 sea-runs/hour. And any catch/hour in the double digits for the trip would be certainly be a red letter day.

The Nooksack, Samish, Skagit, Stillaguamish and Snohomish systems have all produced decent fishing for me but never have been fortunate enough to come close to encountering a 6# fish. Best fish was a Skagit fish though have managed 4 pounders from the Nooksack, Stillaguamish and Snohomish system as well.

Checkthisout I hate to sound snooty but we don't care about your dick nights nor the poor cutthroat you manhandled.
I don't think you're any different than any other Fisherman. Like us you're tricking the fish into impaling itself onto a hook and then making it fight for it's life to the point of exhaustion and you think you're better than someone who chose to take a split second to carefully weigh a fish?

Dick Nites make great flies. Not sure why you would be against actually catching fish instead of just fishing.

Might as well just use poppers and go reef in bullfrogs if you hate catching fish so much.