West side Whidbey Island


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Fished Bush Point this afternoon with my dad and my son. Typical combat fishing all up and down the beach. The folks fishing in boats were cleaning house about 150 feet out. Lots of pinks moving through. saw several boats limit out and leave. Right before high tide a few good pods moved in close. My son caught his first salmon, a 4 pound hen on a pink buzz bomb. I landed the fish below - a chunky male about 7 or 8 pounds - biggest pink I've ever caught. He took a hot pink bunny pattern about 20 feet out. Tomorrow we are taking the boat out and hope to do better.


Gregg Lundgren

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Nice fish. Kudos to your son for catching his first salmon! Those are great moments and unforgettable memories! I hope my granddaughter will be able to do the same tomorrow.:)