New boat, looking for easy float, Snoqualmie?


Squeaky Reel
I've picked up a used Clack from a friend. My wife and I were thinking of taking it onto the Snoqualmie tomorrow (Monday, labor day) and floating from the Plum boat ramp down to the boat launch above Fall City or maybe the Neal Rd. launch. This is a trip for my wife and I to get used to putting the boat into the water and taking it back out. I've got decent rowing experience and this section of river looks pretty placid. We'll probably fish for trout during the float, but that's secondary.

I see that the river just opened for Pinks in this section - should I expect it's going to be crazy busy with bank and boat fishermen? We want to be able to take our time launching and retrieving the boat since we are in-experienced and I would hate to arrive at the launch only to find a scrum or have to worry about dodging a ton of waders during the float. Any advice?
By the time pinks get to that section they are less than desirable. Your only competition should be drunk rafters floating down the river



Squeaky Reel
Thanks for the info. My wife and I dropped the boat in at the Plum launch and floated down to Fall City. It was a perfect first float, easy river a few rocks here and there nothing major. We got the boat hung up once when we took the wrong side of the river at a rapid. I was able to hop out and pull the boat through. My wife had a good time on the oars and only spun us 360 a few times.

We managed to catch a half dozen fish too! Largest was a rainbow in the 10-12" range, the rest were 6-8".

Since there were only two of us I threw a bike in the back of the boat and it was a quick ride back up river to get the truck. On the way down we saw one other drift boat and a raft with frame with a couple of guys fishing. As I was pedaling back up to get the truck I was amazed at the number of tubers that appeared on the river behind us...

Derek Young

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Woodway, I could have run a shuttle for you today. I commend you on your patient and tactfully worded rowing instructions, BTW! :)