SBS Carnage October Caddis SBS


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Word is they're about a week to 10 days out; time to get cracking. Back half is the same as the updated Carnage Hopper; front end's Stimi-ish. The 3/32" heat shrink tubing and 2mm foam made for bodies a bit too chunky for what I wanted in a caddis, then I remembered it's "HEAT SHRINK" tubing, so I slid it on a thinner needle, applied some heat and shrunk it (probably half the diameter). For the foam, until I get some 1mm stuff, I just pulled/stretched a strip of the 2mm 'till it was the thickness I was looking for.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #10
thread - UTC 140 tan
body - 2mm foam
wing - elk hair
legs - rubber medium burnt orange
thorax - dubbing orange
hackle - dark ginger

Slide tubing on needle, apply a little heat (or get thinner tubing)

Pull/stretch (gently) a strip of 2mm foam to get the desired thickness (side-by-side with 2mm)

hold foam against the tubing, apply Super Glue and wrap body

slide body off needle, trim butt and front

poke a hole in the underside, insert hook

start thread, tie on 2mm foam binder strip

brush on Super Glue, side body forward, tie down and trim foam

clean, stack and measure a clump of elk hair

tie elk in, trim butts and smooth head with thread wraps

tie in hackle and legs

dub thread, dub head

wrap hackle forward, tie off, half hitch x 2

trim bottom hackle fibers; SHHAN and you're done