Lake Trout


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Caught lots of lake trout on flies, mostly in the spring after ice off on lakes. Never had one take a dry but then I never fished dries, most came to streamer or clousers off a type six or seven. Even used some T-14 and 17 .
Lake trout will take dry flies when they are near surface and food is abundant. I caught them in Lake Superior during a fall of tent catapiller moths, and have caught them in the boundary waters during mayfly hatches as well. The water has to be cold and the fish shallow for this to happen. I am sure it is more common in the far north.
I troll with my fly rod using a full floating line and woolly buggers. fish about 20 ft deep or deeper in deep lakes. I only fish in small lakes and only keep 14" or bigger.


In Oregon it is rare to catch a lake trout with a dry fly. Normally, they are caught in the early spring or late fall (during the first snow) with large streamer style patterns fished fairly deep.