Redington Torrent 6 wt - anyone fish one?

Brian White

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Anyone fish the Torrent? I'm curious how it would compare to the CPS. Particularly interested in the 6 wt. I had a 9' 6 wt CPS that I really loved for streamers, but broke it tragically and ended up with a CPX that wasn't to my tastes.

Rod currently envisioned as my back-up streamer rod; in a pinch might be called on to throw a BWO or nymph(s). Planning on mating it with a 6 wt grand line.


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I have a 9' 5 weight Torrent and really like it (realizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or caster in this case). It casts very smoothly and has lots of power. As a 4 piece rod, it is better for traveling than a 2 piece. The Torrent looks good and has decent quality components. I've never owned a CPS rod, so I can't make any comparison to that rod. I did own a CPX rod, but the tip section broke when I was lining it for the first time, and the replacement rod also broke in the tip section while casting on the first day I used it, so I gave up on the CPX. As I recall, the CPX seemed too stiff of a rod for my tastes as well. I do own the Redington RS4 rods, and the Torrent has a noticeably smoother casting action than the RS4, which would be expected considering the cost difference (although I like the RS4 rods as well). I also have Sage VPS and SP rods, and the Torrent seems to be a slightly faster action and stiffer rod than those Sage rods.



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I love my Torrents in 4 and 5 wts. Very similar action to the CPS with just slightly lower end components. I fish both of mine pretty hard and have had some breakage issues with them though I'm sure it's user error.

That said, I have a good condition 8/10 CPS 9' 6 wt that I may be willing to sell for a reasonable price.

PM me if interested.