Suggestions for wet weather Jacket??


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Nice buy on that orvis jacket. I know reds had a sweet simms jacket half off (similar to the orvis discount) but it wasn't as heavy duty... More like a light rain/windbreaker type.


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You're going to want to buy anything with goretex pro shell.

I have the Patagonia Super Alpine jacket and it's a good one. I wear it fly fishing and also around town. I didn't want to buy a jacket that I could only wear fly fishing. Wearing a simms jacket to the office is kind of silly.

The proshell fabric is bombproof. I've stood waist deep in saltwater, downpours in winter, and summer rain storms. I like the fact that it's a great top layer and I can change up the base layers to have the perfect set-up for a ton of different conditions.


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The second thing I'd mention is the hood set-up. Try a couple on and experiment with how the hood cinches up. One of the big reason I like the patagonia is that one that hood is locked in place I don't even notice it. When you're on the river and it's dropping buckets in the wind, you'd not going to want a loose fitting hood that ends up becoming a funnel for water going down your chest.

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I have an older Simms (Guide something maybe) and love it. But I've never read anything bad about Patagonia SSTs either. Lot of Orvis fans as well. Probably safe to stay with any of those.