NFR Seahawks vs 49er's

Who will win?

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Winner is the team who's defense adjusts better once they see what the opposing offense is throwing at them. Both offenses are dangerous, who's defense can figure out how to slow em down?


Indi "Ira" Jones
Niners will score first, I'm guessing they go up by 10 but then the Hawks defense will kick in and they might score another field goal possibly a touch down.

Wilson will struggle in the first half but will put them in the red zone at least once for a field goal but possibly a touch down on a great catch by Kellen Davis. They may end the half at ten but more likely 6. In the second half Wilson will light it up hitting several receivers for long yardage.

49ers 17
Hawks 27

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Ira, I couldn't agree more. The Seahawks' MO lately is to be a slow starter in the first half, adjusting and then hitting their stride in the second.

The only troublesome thing I see is the hurry up offense SF showed last week against GB, who kept waiting for the read option that never came. The GB LB Matthews didn't blitz Kaepernick at all until the 4th quarter but by then it was too little, too late.

If SF can counter the Hawk's read option, it could be a long evening.

One way or another, I don't see this game starting slow. Too much energy in this home opener. I hope they start off with the ball. I want our defense on the field to start. I see a dominating three and out, or a turnover to start this game, handing momentum to our offense.

It's the second half where I see it slowing down and becoming a slugfest. It will come down to field position and which team can run the ball.

I wish like hell I could be there.

34-24 Hawks


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
I don't know who wins. That's why I watch the games. Although this is a highly advertised showdown in the big scheme of things this game would have more import if it was later in the season. In all likelihood these teams will split their wins and there is enough of the season left to overcome a loss today by either team. This is what gives the win last week more weight - a win on the road against a good defense. Those are the wins you need to take the division.
I have a gut feeling that SF will win, but I think it should be a good game. The Hawks are showing some good moves, but I do not think that they are at the level that the pundits would like for us to think,
i.e. hype in the media.

I have no idea of the final score, but I do know that here at the plantation the score will be brewski 2/ Charlie 2.

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Where I live, I'll be lucky if it's on TV here where I live. I'll probably get a game with two losers playing. Then maybe I'll just go fishing.