NFR Seahawks vs 49er's

Who will win?

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My gut says 26-20 49er's... but I do hope the Seahawk's prevail. Now, perhaps even a bigger question is how many false starts will the 12th man account for? I say 5.


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Seattle enjoys the greatest home-field advantage in the NFL. Vegas has them as 3 pt favorites. That being said, I just read an article that said most long-term winning handicappers always bet the underdog. I'm just hoping for an entertaining game.
Seattle loses to a walk off home run... er wait. That can't happen if you're the home team. They lose on a penalty shot in the 89th minute.
I heard a rumor at the time that when the Kingdome was imploded, it had not been fully paid for yet? Not sure if that is true or not but I certainly see the irony in this post.
You are correct. It will be paid off in 2016.

On another note, I hope they never put a roof on the stadium. I like it when teams have to play in the elements.