FS SPey and single hand reels for sale on the cheap

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Reels are not being used again downsizing for life reasons going to more minimal natured side of things. most are new to newish. all my stuff is clean and these reels didn't really see the battle field some never saw it.

1. the fly c3la 9/10 great new version of this reel three interchangeable spools. new in the box never on the water purchased for a trip that never happened. box case and three spools shipped to the usa for 125.00 msrp 289.00

2. Gary borger pro series 9/10 sized reel found in reel case in box. missing decorative screw no pouch at this point I can scrounge one up other wise a reel that was used for spey demos. clean no real marks scuff etc. will hold a ton of backing more than you need and running line plus a 650 grain head 75.00 shipped to the usa.

3. sth ddr cassette size 1.5 this was lost in limbo for some time clean functionally perfect no major wear 5-6 weight reel single cassette only no case just backing on it. 50.00 shipped inside the usa!

4. Cabelas lsr I believe Bought this while on a trip my other reel crapped out and needed to finish the trip. It is clean and sound derlin synthetic drag I believe. pretty light made over seas like 90% of fly reels on the market. clean 9/10 solid little drag for a Korean built reel. case will be leather sheep sjin model with zipper 60.00 shipped to the usa

OFFERS accepted as well! lines not included in sale



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Want to make you an offer on the the fly c3la 9/10. but someone can't figure out how to send you a private message.

would prefer it come to vancouver bc - but could consider taking delivery in San Diego.

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