Re: Hyde Pro Guide Model Drift Boat for Sale!

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Hyde Pro Guide Model Drift Boat for Sale!

Drift Boat for Sale – Float and Flyfish in Style!

Hyde Professional Guide Model Drift Boat. Hyde’s Top of the Line boat, custom outfitted with all the options. This boat is one year new, and is the Cadillac drift boat for river fly fishing for Trout, Steelhead &

Hyde’s Professional Combo Guide Model. 16’8" in length, it is custom outfitted with front and rear casting braces, padded swivel seats, foot operated anchor system, built in integral rod holders, level floor, under bench storage, including a split access rower’s seat with trays,
graphite composite oars, and much much more! (It is also set up with rod holders and a removable front bench seat for winter steelhead fishing.) The trailer is a custom built Hyde trailer with full suspension, diamond
plating, sealed lights, tongue jack, and more.

The workmanship on this boat is incredible and it rows like a dream. After you take it for a drift, you will realize why Hyde is the number one choice of fly fishing guides, and far and away the most popular and coveted drift boat on the market.

Price for the boat & trailer: $4950 (About half the list price for the boat with options – this is a great deal!)
(In case you are wondering, I have a new Hyde on order!)
If you would like more information on the boat, or if you would like to see it, you can contact me at;
Willy Gevers office: (425)643-1800, home: (425)369-1948, or at [email protected]



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Nice boat. I have a question for you. The anchor. Balled up section of chain. It that because you don't want to use a lead triangle anchor? If so, how well does it work? Just wondering, thinking about a new anchor for my boat. thanks. :thumb YT
Hi YT:

I had been using the normal lead pyramids for years on both my raft and drift boat. I have lost several to rocks and spent lots of times trying to unsnag the darn things.
(and yes I know the several tricks for unsnagging anchors)
The "Rock Garden" section of the Yak owns a couple of my anchors and has tried to claim several more. To compound my frustration with the anchors, even the biggest pyramids did not do a very good job holding my boat or raft in the current.

I had resisted the chain anchors as I thought they were ugly and noisy, but last fall after losing yet another pyramid, I broke down and picked up a chain anchor.

They are awesome - have not snagged one yet, they hold my boat much better than the pyramid ever did, and have not been overly noisy. I regret not having switched to them sooner!


You could easily and cheaply build one yourself by stringing some heavy pieces of chain together with a sturdy carabiner. I got mine for $40 from Jack Mitchell at the Evening Hatch.

Tight lines!


ps: I enjoy your posts - maybe we will meet on the water someday.
Hyde Pro Guide Model Drift Boat for Sale!

Thanks for all the phone calls and e-mails. I had an overwhelming response to my posting - and sold my boat last weekend. I met and spoke with lots of nice folks, made some new acquaintances and learned about some new fishing spots. All in all a very pleasant and fruitful transaction.

If you are still interested in a used (or new) Hyde - please call me or e-mail me. I would be happy to forward you more information on how to buy a used Pro Staff driftboat from Hyde (like mine).

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