Holy Moly

I love the idea. I have two questions: First, the lens that sticks out. I get why, but...does rule it out of some scenarios.

Second, the lens (nor body) has no VR. I realize this makes it cheaper. It is also 2013 and I can't imagine what in the hell Nikon was thinking. That only scuba divers and snorkelers would buy this? If VR can get me a stop or two when appropriate (no subject movement), that's no small thing if we're talking about ISO 800 vs 1600/3200--regardless of the sensor size.

On the plus side: 15 fps. Far better AF than any compact out there. Better movies too. ISO/IQ that is significantly better than a point-n-shoot. Waterproof flash. Lot of things to like.


Sculpin Enterprises
Hi Daryle,
Very interesting. I have a 3 week trip planned for Cambodia next summer. It will be monsoon season and waterproof gear will be key. In addition to Ankor Wat, we'll be treking in the mountains and snorkeling/diving off the coast. My Lumix is great for fishing pics, but I am certainly in the market for a waterproof, interchangable lens camera, especially one with telephoto and close-up capabilities. I look forward to user reviews.