Sometimes, a guy just has to fish a bit; my week, a report and pics...


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Looks like a great morning! I agree with your assessment of chum fighting; we ran into chum occasionally on a couple trips to Alaska, and they fight surprisingly hard for their size.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Yeah, those are beautiful cutties, Dan! Good on ya!

I'm just back from my fishless trip to Hawaii and preparing for our fall fisheries here on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Tried for silvers off the beach near a local estuary last night but no luck even though lots of fish were airborne. (Did have a small one on for a while)

Lookin' forward to chum fishing pretty soon.

According to my journal they showed up here in Dyes Inlet on October 3 last year.

Gotta get some more chips for the smoker!! :)


Indi "Ira" Jones
Great report as always, Dan! Confession: I've lived my whole life in wa, and have yet to catch or fish for src. They're gorgeous fish, and I'm sure if I was ever on that side of the state(haven't even been to the wet side in a decade), I'd spend most of my fishing days hunting those over steelhead or salmon.
Ditto, mostly anyway. I have targeted them a bit in rivers, but never out in the salt. I do love my lakes.

Great report and pics, thanks for sharing.