AP NEWS: Climate report struggles with temperature quirks


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I find it very interesting that some governments wanted the factual data on the rate of warming being 1/2 of what it was, and less than 1/2 of what the models predicted to be eliminated from the report. I also find it interesting that the IPCC will not comment on this either, but that they are working on a way to include it in their report.

Hmmmm....... I never knew scientists who are reporting things from objective (i.e. actual) measures needed to find a way to include them into a report. The data is there, it shows the rate of warming to be 1/2 what it was, and it shows the rate of warming is less than 1/2 of that predicted by the models. Factual, observed data. Ought not it be simply included into the report without any editorializing?

And although some of the members of the IPCC Committee who are writing the report have hypothesized the heat is being stored in the oceans, I noticed they didn't provide any measured data to support that assertion. Instead, the ones who spoke about it to the author of the article present this hypothesis as if it is a fact, which it is not. In fact, it has not been tested! Therefore, it is nothing more than a theory (i.e. a set of assumptions that purport to explain why something is the way it is) that has never had any hypotheses tested. Yet, it is presented as fact.

I also find it interesting that some climate change advocates are now saying that this much slower rate of warming that has been observed since 1998 is probably caused by La Nina, El Nino, the Artic Oscillation, etc. A few years ago this explanation was being dismissed as fantasy that was being promulgated by the skeptics. Very interesting turn of events I'd say.

It must be nice to simply ignore observed data, or try to explain it away when it is inconvenient to your argument and position. And here I though scientist always want to discover the true facts based on observed data and that they would never try to advance a political agenda.

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Smells like low tide.
FT, I can believe that "the heat is being stored in the oceans," due to my own experience. Not that it proves anything one way or another, but I have noticed evidence of persistently warmer sea surface temps here along the coast this summer.
Usually, we get shorter durations of this warm surface water hanging around. "El Nino" conditions are often associated with this warmer surface water moving in and staying around for an extended period, but we supposedly aren't experiencing an "El Nino" now. Southerly flows will push in the warmer water, too, and shut of the upwelling of cold water from the sea bottom. Northerlies blow the warm surface layer away and let the cold water resume its upwelling.
This summer, the sea surface temp along the coast here at Westport WA has held in the low 60's (F) for the longest period that I can remember since I began surfing here in the Spring of 1979. We hit 64 F a few times, and 63 several times recently. We have easily had over two months of warm surface water conditions with only a few days when the temp dipped below 59 F.

This must be some kind of anomaly. I have been taking full advantage of the warm water. I've managed to grab 16 good surf sessions so far this month. Aug was pretty good, too. As was July, June, and May. (Water started warming up in May, dipped lower again whenever we had a few days of the strong Northerlies that get the upwelling of cold water going, but warmed up again whenever the north winds backed off and let the warm surface water move back in).

Last Winter, the temps dropped into the upper mid-40's for a long time, lingering at a chilly 45 to 46 F for a couple of months. I heard reports of even colder water (43 F) from surfers who rode waves up in the Strait last Winter.

That's a 20 degree F spread between Winter lows and Summer highs.


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Global warming has done well by me. It allowed something we tentatively call civilization to form. Without civilization we wouldn't be able to grow excess food to support important human activities such as U.N. committees. Also, I wouldn't be able to fish in Puget Sound. Enjoy it while it lasts, the ice will inevitably return.