Suffering from reel fever.

Been looking for a new reel for the 8 wt. Looked at the Sage 4200. Anybody fishing it on an 8 wt rod?

Looking for pros and cons. I know that Sage is touting in on their new One rod, but I have an older rod that I would like to hang it on.

Thanks for any comments


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There is one thing I have to have on my 8 wt. rod reels and that is free spooling when reeling in.

Even when fishing large trout I use these type of reels because you can slap them (guide slap is what I call it)) and they will take up a bunch of line without having to reel. fishing steelhead out of my drifter the most important thing to me after the fish is hooked is getting the line on the reel. sometimes having 30 to 40 feet of line on the bottom of the drifter, just a couple slaps on the spool and it can be picked up while you concentrate on handling the first few runs of a hot fish.

GOD-FORBID I would mention the loomis venture 7 reel for my single handers (the only rods I use) but the spools are heavy and spin "FOR EVER" when slapped. I just picked up a used eastfork 7/8 that also is a good spinner and a much better reel than the venture 7.

I compared using these reels next to my nautilus and just the ability to slap the reel to pick-up the slack or getting the line tight when a FISH RUNS AT YOU is worth it to me to put the nautilus away and use the free spinners!

Last time out my friend hooked his first steel on fly with a bunch of line on the floor and I told him to slap his reel! it went no-where, but the fish went everywhere blasting out of the water 4 times in the first 5 or 6 seconds. All he could do is look down and make sure he wasn't standing on the line and it wasn't hooked on anything. it took him "FOREVER" to get the line on the reel, he would start reeling and the fish would switch direction, all he could do is make sure the slack line didn't hook anything until the fish took a long run and got himself on the reel and he landed the fish "LUCKILY" now he wants to buy one of my cheap venture 7's and now that I'm switching to the Eastforks he gets one!

Doesn't matter to me who makes the reel as long as it will free spool (SPIN) in when slapped!
Thanks for the input, Mark. Since my current reels do not have the
palm rim, I presume that is what you use for the slap, I have never
used that technique. I guess I am a babe in the woods on some things about fishing. I had never even though of taking up line, but I fish mostly from the river bed and use a stripping apron. Same problem, different approach.

I believe that the reel I mentioned has a palming rim, but I am not certain. I will look the next time I go into the shop.

Thanks for your insight.


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The reels I use do not click while reeling in! they just free spin on the inward retrieve allowing for just one or two slaps to pick up a bunch of line!