Cool Skagit Casting Video

a noobie question- does he have a sinktip on his line? I thought I needed to use one to achieve an anchor with a skagit
line. he is throwing his line like it has a very light tip if any.Is a light tip easier to learn with or
will a heavy one that will give me more"stick"or load?
Shouldn't have watched it. I now want to get a two hander. That shit looks FUN.
get one---its a blast. If you can't swing an expensive or medium cost rod, cabelas has their LSI's on sale with a fish it for 60 days and if you don't like it return it option. Pretty hard to turn down an offer like that if you think you would like the 2 handed game. You can then return it if you don't like it or after you've fished it for a season or two upgrade it.