Kudos - Gig Harbor Flyshop

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I firmly believe that people need to get a pat on the back when deserved. Also, should get a kick in the balls when deserved. I've been doing business with the GHFS for a few years now and they have been great. I broke my rod that I bought from them, about 3 weeks ago. Brought it in and the sent it back for a reasonable fee and gave me a loaner while I was down a rod. Always, helpful and professional. Got a few nice tips from them too.
My point of my post is good job guys.


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I've been ordering materials from them. Can't beat their selection and shipping prices. And when they didn't have a particular mat, they gave me a courtesy call to let me know my order would be delayed by one day.

Hoping to actually visit the shop in person soon.


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They are a cool shop for sure. They also do a lot of group events that are pretty fun. Last year at the Chum Off they had Tim Rajeff come and do a talk and demos, they did raffles, competitions, etc. Also stuff like renting out a theatre and hosting flyfishing films with beer and raffles. Good stuff and I think it kind of sets them apart. It's one of the two closest shops to me, but I still don't seem to make it south very often unfortunately.
I have posted before about the quality and camaraderie to be found at GHFS. The whole crew is fun, knowledgeable and quick to offer tips and anecdotes.
The recently sent back my Sage One as I busted the tip and gave me a loaner beach rod, no questions asked.
Always plenty of material selection and cool stuff to be found amid the bulging shelves.
Thumbs up.
Most local shops are great but I go out of my way to visit these guys.