Reel to Pair with a Death Star

Rod Wittner

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I just purchased a TCX 7126-4 and am looking for a reel that will balance the set up nicely. So, what 'cha got on YOUR Death Star?

I am also interested in your opinions on what you like for a floater and intermediate skagit line.


Tom Palmer

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For my 7126 I like a reel in the 8-9oz range. I switch between an Abel super 12 and Ross Canyon 5. Hardy Bougle 4" and Salmon Marquis #2 will also get it done if you like old school.

For floating work, a Rio AFS 460gr is my go-to line. Airflo Rage in 510gr when it's windy.
Intermediate skagit I like the Airflo 510.

Great rod- a classic.

David Dalan

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I like the lamson velocity 4. I have two now...but i think an echo ion 8 would be great as well. Ive fished mine with Skagits in the 525 range (flight, floating and regular short) and an iFlight 600. Cast all of them fine, but i like the lighter heads more.
My setup is a Lamson Litespeed 4 with a RIO 525gr Skagit Max Short and the 10' to 12' RIO MOW T11 tips. I am a novice and this setup is working very well for me. I also like the design of the new Lamson Arx reels.
Interesting you say that. I have been looking at the Marquis Salmon 2 as well. I recently bought a Hardy 8000DD for my Beulah Platinum 6 wt. I like it.