Eastern WA fishing is heating up!


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For thse who are thinking of hitting Aeneas beofre it closes for the season. It got hit heavy with lice this summer. The fish were covered heavily with them but most of them are clear of the lice now. Occasionlly you pick one up that have a few on them. The lice get in there from the river water that is pumped in. I talked to Bob Jateff about it this summer and there is not much they can do on a lake without killing off the fish and starting over. Speaking of Bob, he has retired! A week ago Friday was his last day. I think he did a lot for the fisheries over here. I wish him the best and hope to see him on the water.


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The lakes I fish are irrigation reservoirs. We lost the best fishery over here for the second year in a row. But good news today. The fall rains have been making it over this way and my local lake is up almost a foot since Sunday! I went for an hour fished bobbers from the bank and found a nice pod of fish.


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Gave this unnamed lake another try yesterday (Thursday, 11/6/2013) to see how it was fishing before winter really sets in. Based on the empty Styrofoam worm containers, beer bottles and cans and other assorted trash along the shoreline (I collected a bag full), it appears that the “secret” got out and the lake was hit pretty hard by the gear fishermen since a month ago. I landed and released 7 rainbows that ranged in size from 18 to 21 inches, so quite a few less than the 21 rainbows from the outing a month ago. My friend did better, landing and releasing 12 rainbows in the 18 to 19 inch range. Water temp was 52 degrees (as measured with my Fishin' Buddy just below the surface), and the water was very clear with about 12 to 14 feet of visibility. Things are cooling off, literally and figuratively. The good thing is that the colder air temperatures appear to have killed off the mosquitoes. Minnow patterns with red gills seemed to be the ticket; this lake does have lots of perch and bass, so maybe the rainbows key in on the perch minnows occasionally. I was finding fish in the 25 to 30 foot depths, using my RIO Deep 7 full sinking line to get that deep. Even though fishing wasn't nearly as good as a month ago, it was still pretty decent for a general regulation lake and we had the lake all to ourselves the entire day.