Things are slowing down

Great work, Matt.

I've got a few more trips up my sleeve in the next couple weeks. Hoping to get a little action on the other side.

I did manage to get a pretty fresh hatchery hen in the river on Saturday, which was a nice change from not catching shit in ages.

Half of her is in the smoker now, and she's looking mighty tasty.



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Tim, Matt & Nick,
Good fishing with you guys today. Good job putting sone fish on the beach.
I had some chances this weekend but couldn't close the deal. Mark one in the win column for the fish.
The bites have gotten even softer softer then last weekend. Maybe another week or so then it will be time to start thinking chums.
So mtskibum16 any hints on a hot pattern to try?
Chartreuse over pink clouser for me. The exact one I posted in the tying section recently. Dime was using pink over white for the ones he caught I think. The fish Saturday were stuffed with bait (herring?) so it seems they're still feeding so use whatever has been working for ya.


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Thanks. What has been working for me is easy. Tie 2 ft of 20lb Maxima on fly line add 4 feet of 15 lb maxima to end, tie on something does not matter what. Throw at salt water strip line and enjoy the world of nature around you. Who could ask for more? I take it Dan the herring guy was telling you to "back up onto the beach and get your fish in so the rest or us can fish, if you get up on the beach the silver will follow you"?
I've gotten out to a new (to me) beach on the West side of the sound the last couple days. Monday morning, hooked one of the hottest fish I've gotten in the salt. Took a couple of great runs then broke me off. I was shaking after that fish, to the point where I had a hard time tying on another leader. Had a couple other hits and missed strikes. Overall a nice morning, even though I didn't get any on the beach.

I'll be sticking with it. I figure it's about time for chum, no reason to stop now. Then I'm just going to take to take this waking up early momentum straight into winter and start spending mornings before work on the river not catching steelhead.

Ah, living the life.



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Just got back from LP, nothin at all touched my line except seaweed here and there. There was just two gear guys on the beach with me and both left before me with empty pockets. I might try to get out again next week.


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I drove along Alki beach after I left LP(I haven't explored the local beaches too much since moving up here), is that what you are referring to Fishee?