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I got a ticket last year for not having a Discovery Pass hanging from my rear view. I thought at the time that the pass that they gave me with my fishing license was the same thing. I was wrong, and did not know it untell this year when I went into a park and show the boat launch pass to the ranger thinking that it was the pass he asked for. At that time he explained the differance to me.
Don't want this thread to go down a wrong street but really the Gov't is jacked up, this is no secret, and so are people in general. Oh wait, the gov't is ran by some jacked up people! In any case, I paid my fees, respect the rules, go beyond the norm and clean up other peoples mess and so this is why I'm pissed! That's all. A ticket on my car or note or whatever would have clarified everything as I would have stopped by the office to show my pass and explain the whole dash thing. But that guy just walked over, saw me and acted like nothing was up, the only car and me the only person there with my son. I probably took down my plate # and did the paperwork at the me seeming like sneak mode. Lame.


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Hi Alexander,
I think that you aren't is a bad a situation economically as you think ["It's for $99!!! If I show proof of purchase I'll owe $59."] . I expect that if you had not purchased a Discover Pass at the time of your citation, you could purchase a Discover Pass within 15 days and have the citation reduced to $59 (see You already had purchased Discovery Pass and have already described that you had both passes displayed (albeit the wrong one on your mirror). The court should dismiss the citation (but I'm not a lawyer and I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express recently).

Thanks. I'm hoping to get out of this. I'm supporting a fam of 6 on less then $20 an hr even $5 is allot of money for me....I have ZERO bandwidth.
Just for clarification regarding some of the posts above: the Discover Pass (and also the WDFW vehicle access pass) is NOT required to be hung from your rear view mirror. It only needs to be visible "in the front windshield." So, I set it on my dashboard.

"Q. Where should I display the Discover Pass?
A. The Discover Pass must be visible in the front windshield of motor vehicles licensed for street use. For vehicles without a windshield, the pass must be displayed in a prominent location on the vehicle. Motorcycle riders may carry the pass with them.""

I always put my Discover Pass on the dash board. If I hang it from the rear view mirror, I am paranoid that it will fall off (to the floor), and I would get a ticket. So, I never hang it from the mirror. If placed on the dash, there is almost zero chance of falling off. (and I keep my windows closed, so that the wind doesn't blow anything away).

I have seen park rangers inspect my car (Discover Pass on the dashboard) with no problems. I even got a thank you note one time from the ranger, for supporting state parks by purchasing a discover pass.


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Back in Nebraska we would get a park sticker every year, to be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the windshield. You could get a second one at greatly reduced price, to be placed in a vehicle of your choice. They never faded, never blew away, were never forgotten. They came off surprisingly easily, so when you bought a replacement it could go in exactly the same spot. The color changed each year, too, so there was no question whether you were compliant or not, although out here it might be easier to color-code with the month of purchase, like license tabs.

I miss that system.


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The state tried the sticker route a few years ago with the WDFW access passes.
The stickers were yellow with black text. Within months of being on your window the yellow faded to white and the black text disapperared.
Poor printing or incorrect ink I believe was the excuse the state came up with.
I'd prefer the sticker as well but doubt it will happen.


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That's a great result Alexander!! [And a cautionary tale to the rest of us that we need to know which agency requires which pass to be prominently displayed.]

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You would think in this day and age of the great computer/cell phone/iPads they could check your license plate and verify that you HAVE A PASS!!!!!!!!!! And let it go!!!
when i bought my discover pass i wasn't required to give my license plate at the time of the purchase. kind of tough to have a database with no data.
I have seen, and spoken to many, many poachers this year. It pisses me off to no end that a guy out minding his own business, abiding by the law, gets popped for that while meanwhile blatant poaching continues IN THE MOST EASILY ACCESSED AND PATROLLED PLACES IN THE STATE, and nothing ever happens.