Position available on Salmon Recovery Funding Board

In case anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be...

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board will soon have a vacancy in one of the Governor-appointed positions. The role of the Salmon Recovery Funding Board is to provide grants for salmon habitat restoration and protection projects and other salmon recovery activities across the state. The Salmon Recovery Funding Board meets approximately 4 times per year. To learn more about the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, check out their website (http://www.rco.wa.gov/boards/srfb.shtml). The board is administered by the Recreation and Conservation Office, which is responsible for managing many of the state’s conservation and recreation grant programs.

In making the appointments to this board, the governor seeks individuals that collectively have the expertise necessary to provide strong fiscal oversight of salmon recovery expenditures and who have an understanding of issues relevant to salmon recovery in Washington State. Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to this board can apply via the Governor’s website. The on-line application can be found here [note: the link did not work for me]. In addition, a letter to the Governor with an attached resume is appreciated.

For more information about the role of the board and board members, please contact the RCO Director Kaleen Cottingham at (360) 902.3000 or [email protected].