Veevus Thread Review

For those of you that tie and have not seen/used Veevus thread, here's a link to a pretty good review:

I'm probably an average tier (maybe not that accomplished), and think this thread is altogether superior to the threads I've used in the past.

I'd recommend that, if you see it in your local shop, you buy a spool of the 14/0; you won't believe how strong it is.
I use Veevus 10/0 for nearly all my tying applications, from midges to Saltwater Clousers. I find the ease of use, strength, low profile makes all my ties look better and last longer. I am no expert but the thread is just solid. Thanks for the link Mr Ron.


As far as I'm concerned, the thread is very similar to Benecchi but much easier to find in this part of the world. So, as I run out of thread I'm switching to Veevus.