Lower Stilly Sea runs

Has anyone been fishing down here in the last couple weeks? I am thinking about heading up for Saturday morning. Are the sea runs still in the rivers?

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Went searching the lower NF earlier in the week and had a hard time locating them. A couple small ones around Cireco. The rivers dropped some since then and you might have better luck. This is the time of year where fishing dry's in the afternoon can be fun. With all the water we had in Sept though I have a feeling they're going to be harder to find.


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Between the pinks and the high water, I have not had much luck there recently. However, I'm no expert on that stretch of water. There are many others here who fish it more often who may have more accurate info.
The river looks awesome right now. I was just there - not fishing - just poking around
Lots of dying humpies, an occasional large coho showing
My bet would be to go for it
Things look good weather wise

Hillbilly Redneck

wishin i was fishin
Ok. Here is the very latest. Breaking news! I just fished a pool in the Oso area and rose a couple on a size 10 or 12 royal wulff. I pulled the fly away from both of them like a true cracker. I did land a small one on a Thor pattern. Off to the Friday night lights of Darrington. Go Loggers!


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I picked up 4 late this morning on a rolled muddler with a flesh fly trailer. 1 took the muddler while stripping back up river; the other 3 took the flesh fly on the tailend of a dead drift. I was focusing on deeper drop offs below Pinks spawning in the shallows. So far this year most have been in the 10 -12 inch range with the occasional 14 - 16 incher. Some nice bull trout this year though.

Ok. Off to the Friday night lights of Darrington. Go Loggers!
Careful not to get too carried away at Skidders tonight and then later on at the Red Top.