SBS Tied Down Caddis SBS


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This one's been around for a while in various forms; thought the front-hackled version looked cool. Tried tying the tail down with tag end of thread but found 2 bobbins worked better for me.

hook - Tiemco 5212 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 brown (x2)
tail/back - deer hair
body - 1mm foam orange
hackle (body) - ginger
hackle (front) - brown

mash barb, attach thread at 70% point and wrap back to point above barb

tie in a strip of foam (about 3mm wide)

tie in hackle (undersize by one hook); let bobbin hang at tie-in

start second thread bobbin at 75% mark

wrap foam forward and tie off/trim at 70% mark

wrap body hackle forward; tie off and trim

clean and stack a clump of deer hair

measure for length (extend hook gap length behind)

transfer hair to material hand and tie down

trim hair butts, cover with thread wraps and tie in front hackle

wrap hackle, tie off and trim

pull deer hair back and tie down

half hitch x 2, SHHAN front and back and you're done