FS/T Echo 7 Wt. Switch, Ross BG 4, Lines

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Matt Hutch

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I have a few things up for sale today.

First is an Echo 7 wt. Switch rod. It's a few years old so its the matte green color and it does not have snake guides. I used it for steelheading a decent amount one season and it just hasn't seen much action since then. Asking $150. ROD HAS BEEN SOLD

Next is a Ross Canyon Big Game reel, size 4 black. This reel was what I had on my switch rod and an 8 wt. before that so it was used a decent amount when I first got it new but hasn't been used much at all in the past couple years. Asking $175.

Then I've got all the lines that I used on the switch rod. Currently on the reel is an Airflo Skagit Switch head (480 gr.) with Airflo Ridgeline running line. I've also got a Wulff Ambush line in 9 wt. that actually works very well on that switch rod for nymphing. The Skagit Switch head has one day on it...that's it. The running line has about a season of use and the Ambush line is about the same. Both are still in great condition. Asking $30 for the Skagit Switch head, $20 for the running line, and $30 for the Ambush line.

Lines are all off the market!

I've also got a brand new Rio Grand WF7 line in pale green/light yellow. Asking $50.

Trades: I'm looking for a good 4 weight for dry flies (Sage ZXL, TXL-F, Circa, etc.), a Ross Momentum or Momentum LT size 4, and spools for a Momentum 4 in champagne (gold). I'd be willing to throw in any necessary money to make it a fair deal.

Message me with any questions or offers.

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