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I'll be in New Orleans the second week of December for a conference. Afterwards I'm thinking about booking a fly guide to try for a big redfish. Does anyone have a recommendation?
I fished with the guys at Uptown Anglers- we had a great time but didn't do so great fishing-wise. Your trip is better timing I think.

The great thing is that they are right downtown and if you're in a downtown hotel you don't need to drive anywhere.


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I went in 2003 while on company travel and had a great time; speckled trout and red's all day long. The guide I hired (from another recommendation) is no longer in business -- found that out trying to provide like info to a friend who was going there on business a couple years ago. I was there in April...not sure what the fishing is like in December. It's amazing how many channels, cuts and grass islands there are in the area (at least where I fished). I kept thinking the whole 40+ minute run we made from dock to fish, with the myriad of zigs and zags, that if this dude has a heart attack and keels over, I will never be heard from again :eek:. Have fun and tie up flies with those "clacker thingies" on them.


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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I made some calls and booked a full day with a guide in mid-December. Hopefully the weather is decent at that time so casting and sight fishing is possible. I would be thrilled to catch my first redfish on this trip, and just casting to a 20 pounder would be amazing.
It is so much fun, and this is coming from a fella that has basically had no success. When the guide says "red at 11 oclock"... and you're left handed... and the wind is coming from the left... It's crazy stuff.

If I lived down there I would never get any work done. Good luck.

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Not sure where you are going but the entire delta area gets pretty muddied up in winter and including any wind induced chop sight fishing is mostly out of the question. Your guide should know some productive mangrove areas that on an early morning or late evening incoming tide should be productive. Once you found one red many many more should be close by.