Yarnie Variations


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Come on man... that's the best you can do?

I want to see a Yarnzilla !!! :D

I need to get ready for a trip I'm leaving for tomorrow, but I was thinking of doing something like a yarn-truder, or a yarnpie for the fast riffles. Maybe a griffith's yarn-gnat... There is a lot of potential here. Do I smell the December fly-salon?


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So, it has been a real hectic week at the shoe lace re-tipping plant where I work. We have really been under the gun with this whole Black Friday thing going on. After dinner, I grabbed a tall boy PBR, turned on the game and set down at the fly tying table to relax. I thought that if yarn worked so well on steelhead, it just might work on the tail water trout as well. Because if there's anything dumber that a steelhead, it has to be a tail water trout. All you got to do is throw midges and SJW and you look like the greatest fisherman of all time. So I quickly threw a few smaller Yarnies together. No comments on the head on my gnat. I know it's a bit big, but I heard fat chicks dig that. I brushed the worm by design to give it that flossie look.