DIY Stripping Basket


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I saw this on another forum. I thought I'd share this as I know lots of folks like to make their own baskets.
This is the best DIY basket I've seen. A bit more expensive but a much nicer end product in my opinion then the Ikea step stool models I've seen.
Might be a good winter project for someone looking to make their own basket.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Very nice! I like the conduit bracket rod-holder idea.

As far as adhesives that work on polyethylene plastic (if you need to glue down the cones), what I have done on my fishing kayaks is to simply rough up the mating surfaces with 80 grit or coarser, so as to insure a good mechanical bond. Not much will stick to smooth polyethylene, so it must be roughed up. I have used Marine Goop, and also contact cement, successfully this way.


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Golfman, That's a great idea. I have been holding off on buying/making a stripping basket but I think the combination of the Ikea stool and those caulking cones look good enough to finally bite. If I get there this weekend I'll post some pics.


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Back in what seems like a former life I used to screen print on a off brand of custom frisbees. We had to flame treat them to get the ink to stick, the injection molding process leaves a microscopically smooth surface that the flame treating takes care of. Might be the same for the injection molded tubs and basins and adhesives... Just quickly flame the surface with a propane torch or similar.