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I might be old,but I'm good

The only thing that is open right now are the lakes. And close to Marysville are the following lakes,Gissburg ponds,Lakes Ki,Howard,Martha,Crabapple,Loma,Goodwin,Pass,Sixteen,Mcmurry,Bosworth.I could go on and on But what you need is a map of the area and the sport fishing rule book. that would help you more than I can.

As for rivers that are close to Marysville well you will have to wait until the 1st of June to fish them. I will list a few but these are easy to find. Pilchuck Creek(not the river),S/Fork of the Stilly(this on doesn't come into shape until the snow melts),same for the N/Fork. Upper reaches of the Sauk say the N & S Forks,Sloan Creek.

A good map will help as that way you can explore on your own. Thats how I found most of the places that I fish.

Jim S
Hey CantCatchem,

You're our Northsound guru, out of curiousity have you ever fished the Suattle (sp) river? I drove up it last November (it was closed then). It's quite isolated so I doubt it gets much pressure. The question is, does it have any resident fish in it?

again, just curious if you know anything.


I might be old,but I'm good

Was up on that river two years ago. In June mind you, and it was clear. That don't happen that way very often. Yes there are fish in it. There are some dollies that I heard of being caught. But when the river is knarly,you have to fish the edges where small streams enter or else it is toooo dirty.

I would imagine that there are steelies in it. But they would have to wait for winter to spawn. Too much glacier melt.

Not too much of a guru. I just like to get out and drive around to all of these places. And wet a line or two when I find something new. Thats how I find these places. All it takes is a little gas and a little gumption to go out.

I spent some time exploring the suattle a little, some incredible hikes in that area. The Suattle gets runs of salmon in the fall, I've watched hundreds of pinks spawning in the upper river and some SRC's enter the river in the fall. I think it's closed to salmon fishing. I've heard their is a good population of dollies that spawn in the upper reaches of the river. Access is fairly limited to the river and since it's a glacial fed stream it can produce alot of glacial till that can really discolor the river, and the Sauk as well. It is a great area to explore
I fished it years ago with conventional gear...spinners and spoons to be exact. The access can be tough on waders(lots of blackberry bushes and other brush - I ruined 2 pairs during 3 years of exploring the area)and the water was very off color most of the time. The few times I hit it right it was quite good for SRCs, steelhead and salmon. This was back in the early 80's but it produced a couple of 6 - 8 steelhead days the few times it was fishable. At the time I saw no other anglers EVER. Would be interested to hear how it is fishing these days but have neither the time, energy or money to spend on bushwacking my way back into the areas I fished in those days. Good luck if you go.
It's been a few years since I last fished one of the Suattle tributary streams but I remember late Sept. after a good rain a few dollies would move upstream out of the river and seek pools. The advantage clearly shifts to the fish in the close confines of a smaller stream with lots of brush. Because of the brush however, you can visually pick them out and plan your presentation pretty well which may be nothing more than dapping the fly or setting it a few feet above a fish. If you get a take from one of those 4 - 5 lb. dollies be prepared to charge through the bushes chasing your fish up or downstream. I guarantee it will get the adrenaline going!
Not to be preachy but you can't target dollies in the tribs up there. They are closed to dollies to protect the spawners. I know C&R and all that but you shouldn't be talking about targeting a fish in waters closed to their harvest. The regs state you can only fish for dollies in waters where they are specifically listed. The Sauk and Suiattle are specifically mentioned but the tribs aren't. What you do is between you and enforcement but please don't tell others to do that which against the regs. There are plenty of dollies to go around in the listed rivers.