Camo/Hunting Pontoon Boats

Alex MacDonald

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As a waterfowler for over 60 years, I see both good points and weak points in them. I'd bet the seat doesn't have a locking swivel function, so you could both row and be able to turn somewhat to follow your birds once you're set up. You also sit pretty high off the water from the photos, so you'd need to make some supports to hold a good brush-up setup, and you'd have to brush it up like a little island to get decent coverage. Also, there appears to be plenty of room for a dog, but no way to get him back aboard after a retrieve. Overall though, nice camo pattern, and easy to work with, so it shouldn't be too difficult to really trick one out. You'd definitely need an outboard motor if it gets really windy though! Will there be a two-person version?


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Alex, I have the locking swivel function on my boats so we do offer that as a feature if wanting to have both swivel and locking positions. These particular boats you do sit higher, mostly because most people prefer comfort over functionality. For a true sneak boat, we would put the seat lower to the water. My friend thinks the 9 footer will be a nice boat for hunting some of the wasteways in the basin. The optional rear deck was more designed for a decoy bag but we talked about making a step system to allow dogs easy on-off access and it wouldn't be hard to do. You can put an electric trolling motor on the larger one if needed (see motor mount and hole for shaft between the two modules) but if you are talking hunter, dog, decoys and outboard, you really are looking at a 12 foot pontoon boat for safety and capacity, which we do have plans for since you asked. The great thing about having your own designer, bender, and welder, is we can customize most things as needed.

In order to keep the costs down on these prototype boats, we simply painted the frames and they would need to be touched up occasionally with paint. For a maintenance free frame, we'd probably spend the couple hundred bucks and get them powder coated.


I've never had a problem pulling my lab up by the scruff of the neck. I'll let him swim from time to time and just pull him on board by the scruff.


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Seems to me that the camo patterns would work better in the woods than on water? But what would be the point of a pontoon in the woods?
A pattern resembling straw, sticks, and blades of grass, you know the stuff duck blinds are usually made out of would make better camouflage. But I'm not a water flower so I could be totally wrong, although I do watch a lot of duck and goose hunting on TV. lol