Paraducks Caddis

These sure are easy to tie. Two materials: duck flank and fuzz, which is either Zelon or Snow Shoe Rabbit's foot. This one is tied on a DaiRiki 125 #16. 14/0 gray thread.

The lower blowup shows the criss-cross figure eight wraps used to loosely tack the hackle fuzz to the underside of the shank. The hackle gets glued more permanently in place as a last step, with either CA glue or thick water based head cement. Or fabric cement too for that matter.

Tie a duck flank feather on top of the rear end of the shank facing forward. Snip the tag end of the duck feather off leaving a small bit of waste facing backward. Wrap up to the eye. Fold the duck flank backward. Wrap three times a bit back from the eye. Wrap twice right behind the eye. Wind back horizontally once so the thread snags under stem end of the duck flank, at the rear end of the hook. Hold some fuzz underneath the shank and pull the thread forward, underneath the fuzz, up to the eye. Wrap once around the eye. Make one more figure eight underneath. Whip finish. Trim the hackle. Glue the bottom of the shank to hold the loosely tacked hackle fibers more permanently. Use thick water based head cement or CA glue. You can also use fabric cement, like Tear Mender. But to use Tear Mender you will have to thin it out 50/50 with water, to make it thin enough to wick into the fuzz fibers.