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For Gene (sorry it took so long).

hook - Orvis 1645-00 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - hackle fibers red
butt - Uni-stretch orange
body - chenille purple
wing - hackle golden badger
hackle - golden badger

mash barb, attach the Uni-stretch and wrap back to bend (it'll do double duty as tying thread and butt material for now)

tie in hackle fibers (extend back about 1/2 body length); wrap forward, creating a smooth body

attach black thread and tie off Uni-stretch; continuing back to 50% mark

strip end of chenille (steaming this stuff really puffs it up) down to thread core

tie in, wrap forward to 80% mark and tie off

size a pair of hackles (about 2 body lengths), and tie in

prep another saddle hackle and tie in by tip

stroke fibers back as you wrap the hackle forward; tie off hackle (trim out tip), whip finish and SHHAN

Go catch a sea-run



I tie mine so the wings flare out in a "V". This gives the pattern a bit more movement during the retrieve... otherwise, Scott, that's the critter.

When it was first shown to me I thought the color combination couldn't possibly work but for who knows why, it works quite well to catch SRC in Oregon. Evidently SRC like strange color combinations:)

Oddly enough I found the pattern also works to catch kokanee on the Metolius when they move upstream during the Fall. Weird.