I wonder why we don't have Brown Searun Trouts here in the PNW.


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It would be cool if there were native to this area...it seems like we have the right type of waters?
Taimen or browns? We don't have Russian gangsters who traffic in drugs, prostitution and guns scraping the resource in the name of sport, but the fish should do just fine without that harassment. :)


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Might have been Fly Fisherman 'zine that asserted PNW steelhead eggs were transported to Patagonia, along with Euro Brown eggs/stock, by the British. I think that was the issue with Prez Jimmy Carter coping with a "two-armer" on the cover.
I've also read about possible searun browns in some river in california, but they hadn't verified it yet. I believe it was in a NW flyfishing mag.

The Trinity. There are some monster browns in there. They scarf up all the fry that the hatchery releases.

I've fished for the browns, but never landed one. Caught steelhead and chinook though