Looking for 5/8" oarlock sockets...any help?


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I'd like to occasionally use my drift boat oars on my jon boat. The oarlocks have a 5/8" shank but
everything I've found so far is for a 1/2" shank and some are pretty cheesy at best. I would also like
to use a nylon or delrin insert in the socket for wear and noise.
The top of the gunnel is 2 1/2" wide and has a slotted track on the inside. I plan on mounting 1/4"
aluminum plate to the track and mounting the sockets to the inside. Due to the gunnel width, I need to raise the oarlocks to get a decent oar angle.
I'm starting to think about just using a block of UMHW drilled for the 5/8 shaft.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


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I did what you suggested for my pram by drilling a 5/8 inch hole in a piece of UMHW and it worked great.

For our boats, we make all the oarlock sockets a standard 5/8 inch and if someone wants to use a 1/2 inch socket, we simply put a nylon bushing in...I have not heard any complaints about noise or wear.


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Thanks for the reply. The company I am getting the aluminum from also carries UMHW so I should be able to come up with
something workable. I'm thinking maybe I should plate the other side of the block as well to prevent possible shear/splitting at
the hole. I was playing around with a Carlisle oar yesterday and was kind of surprised at the hang weight if you let it go.
The older Sawyers I have are counterbalanced so it wouldn't be as much of an issue.
I checked out your site. Some nice stuff with well thought out design.