Need help finding the "whatchamacallit" stuff

There is a material that is very similar to V Rib and/or Liquid Lace. I don't know if it's "tubular" or flat material, but it is multi-colored - like black, pearl, clear, silver/gold, red - all in one. (I think those are the colors)

It's used on small flies like chironomids and emergers for the body. It comes on a spool like thread does.

Does anyone know my "whatchamacallit" material?
Are you thinking about "stretch magic?" it's all the rage now because you can layer it and get a multi-colored fly. If so, look at a craft or fabric store.
No, it's not any of those, but closest to the Midge Tube. It's like that, but several colors, all in one.

It's hard to describe (obviously). It has a mixture of all/some of those colors I mentioned above, but all in the same (one) material.

I saw it at Cabelas, when I was "killing time" with the kids. It was in their fly tying section, but it's not in their online store.


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You can wrap clear v-rib over the top any color holographic tinsel. I really like red v-rib over silver holographic tinsel.
While you are at it, pick up some antistatic bags and a old VHS tape for chironomid bodies.
Yes. We have a couple of contract flytyers in our club and they have used it to tie some very interesting flies that change colors depending on which way you look at them. Consequently, a bunch of our tying members have searched the planet for the stuff; some without too much luck. Personally, I haven't tried it yet and don't know if I will for a while. It takes me long enough to tie now and I have more materials than I can use in a lifetime.