Need help finding the "whatchamacallit" stuff


It's part of Hareline's products catalog. You can't order anything directly from them but it will give you an idea of what is available so you can buy/order the product from a fly shop.
Yeah, I was bummed to see that I couldn't buy directly from them. The fly shop seems to have everything but what I need sometimes (Murphy's Law), and it's a guess when the next shipment comes in.

It's probably a good thing they didn't, cause I'd never make it to the fly shop anymore. :D


I've been in the Hareline warehouse many times.... it's enough to make you go nuts!!! There's dozens of cool products that fly shops don't stock.


Monroe, OR... about halfway between Corvallis and Eugene on a secondary hwy.

You'll miss the town if you blink while driving through the place...
Are you thinking of jelly rope ? Checkvout Michaels then
I just found this stuff at Joannes Fabric Store. WOW - 10 times more material, at 1/3 the price than pro shops...

Black holographic tinsel reflects lots of the colors you mentioned.
I feel like a total dumb$#.. This was the stuff I was looking for. I for some reason, thought it was like V rib.

Thanks for your help guys. Sorry I screwed that one up... :oops: