Loomis GL2 9ft 6wt 2pc

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Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

I've got a year-old G.Loomis GL2 in Neptune Blue that I'm willing to sell. Since I'm not yet able to collect a whole stable of gear, this one needs to go to leave a space for my 4-pc GL3.
It's a Model FR1086 as described above, and is offered with the sock and tube it arrived in. Everything like new as I take good care of my stuff.
This was my first new rod and I've been immensely pleased with everything about it. It's only a self-imposed spending cap that forces me to consider selling it.
A great starter rod or a solid back-up for a high-end unit. Asking $130.00 firm which includes shipping; money order or cashier's check seals the deal. If you're close to the Tri-Cities and we can arrange a face-to-face delivery I can do a little better on the price.

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